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What is Gazel Excel AddIn?

Gazel Excel AddIn is an easy to use Excel Add-in that makes your PPC reporting and analysis fast and efficient. Pull Google AdWords data straight into your Excel workbook (from your Excel workbook)–you won’t have to deal with all those text file downloads anymore.

With Gazel Excel AddIn any analysis, dashboards, or reporting you create for one account can be shared and re-used across all of your accounts. Just change the AdWords account details and click on the refresh button and your reports and analysis gets updated with the new data. This makes it easy to share your powerful Excel analysis across multiple accounts.


How does Gazel Excel AddIn work?

Connect to AdWords


Gazel Excel AddIn allows you to connect to an unlimited amount of AdWords accounts. Just add your AdWords login credentials for each account and start building reports.

Build your report


Use the simple Gazel Report Builder to configure your reports. Choose from all the AdWords reports you are familiar with. Select campaigns, ad groups, attributes, segments, and metrics then run your report. It’s intuitive and easy!

Get your report with Gazel


Running reports is simple and fast. After you’ve configured your report just click ‘Run Report’ and your data will be pulled into Excel in a few seconds. Now you have a Gazel report that’s easy to update with a click of a button!

Who is Gazel Excel AddIn for?

users32Gazel Excel AddIn was built for anyone who works with AdWords report data in Excel.  Of course, Gazel really shines in the hands of a user who knows how to use Excel to it’s fullest: building reports, charts, dashboards, and analysis.  Even if you’re not a power Excel user, Gazel will save you the time and hassle typically associated with getting your AdWords data where you want it–in Excel.  Also, Gazel works great with Excel templates which can do powerful reporting and analysis and are easy to update by anyone.


Try Gazel Excel Addin Absolutely Free!

I’ve tried a number of Excel plugins for Google AdWords and Gazel is by far the best. It’s enabled me to quickly pull, present, and analyze account data in exactly the way that I want while saving valuable time during the workday. Support has always been fast and helpful. Gazel has paid for itself many times over.

George Gilmer, Founder at Nimble Candle Internet Marketing

We will set up custom reports and use Gazel to track any changes of our AdWords campaigns to gain a better understanding of historical AdWords data and how it affects our running campaigns. Gazel already saves us lots of time every single day and we definitely recommend the tool to anybody working with AdWords accounts.

Johannes Höller, Online Marketing Manager at Yatego GmbH