AdWords Campaign Performance Dashboard Template for Gazel

One of the main reasons Gazel was created was to power Excel based templates for reporting and analysis.  The AdWords Campaign Performance Dashboard is the first template we have made available to Gazel users, and for a limited time we are going to be giving this template away for free!

What makes this dashboard powerful is its use of multiple charts for displaying performance statistics for our most used AdWords KPI’s.  By seeing these KPI’s side-by-side for the same time periods it’s easier to see the relationships between the KPI’s and important changes or trends.

The video below shows you how to update the template using Gazel and your own AdWords data.  It’s a quick and simple process involving a couple of clicks.  For those of you who haven’t purchased Gazel, you can still update the dashboard using a downloaded AdWords report and the Copy/Paste method.  Without Gazel to power the data it will take much longer, but the insights from the dashboard will be just as powerful.